Tax Planning & Preparation

Did you know that taxes are the number-one expense in this country? If you add up your federal, state, and Social Security taxes, you may find that what you pay in taxes rivals or exceeds what you pay for food, mortgage payment, transportation, and clothing combined.


Don’t pay more in taxes than you have to! Take full advantage of all deductions and credits with tax planning, compliance, and preparation services.

One of the biggest myths is that “my accountant takes care of my taxes.” Or “my spouse takes care of the taxes.” This is similar to saying, “my doctor takes care of my body.” Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to exercise and could eat all the bad foods we wanted and, once a year, our doctors would magically make us healthy? The point is that the tax savings your accountant can find for you after December 31 are small compared with what you can save if you are pursuing your own tax strategies before December 31.


Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. Our firm goes beyond tax compliance and proactively recommends tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.