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Crisis Medicaid Planning

Comprehensive Nursing Home Medicaid Planning in Denver, CO

Each year, many elders and their families face the prospect of transitioning to a nursing home. This can be a time of substantial emotional and logistical stress — and if not handled properly, it can also lead to a huge financial setback. Sadly, a large number of people end up paying for nursing home care out of their savings until they run out. That said, proper planning can help greatly ease the cost of a nursing home. Perhaps the single best way to keep costs manageable to is to apply and qualify for Medicaid.  If you are currently in a state of medical need – either in a nursing home or will be potentially placed in a nursing home (or need long-term Home Care Based Services) in the near future – it cannot be stressed enough how critical timing and logistics are in order to avoid another month of high costs. At Peter L Durante LLC, we can help you plan for your future. Our legal team has extensive experience helping clients qualify for Medicaid and choose the most cost-effective and secure routes for their elder care. The sooner we can take control of the timeline the better off you will be. Read on learn more about our nursing home Medicaid planning services, and contact our firm at (972) 549-0009 today!

Helping You Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid is a jointly funded, Federal-State health insurance program for low-income and those in need of financial assistance. For those facing exorbitant nursing home costs, qualifying for Medicaid can greatly help in making payments manageable. While there are several ways to qualify for Medicaid, it is always helpful to hire a legal professional you can count on to ensure that you have the best chance possible for qualifying. Our team here at Peter L Durante LLC has experience helping individuals and families from varying financial backgrounds qualify for Medicaid.

While there are certain standards that must be met to qualify for Medicaid, our legal team understands that no two family’s situations are exactly alike — thus the avenues taken to qualify for Medicaid and plan for a financial with always be different. For instance, those who are not in immediate need of long-term care may be able to distribute or protect their assets in advance. This way, when they do need long-term care, they will quickly qualify for Medicaid benefits. Other factors that go into Medicaid planning include a client’s savings, property and marriage status, family support situation and more. At Peter L Durante LLC, we know how to navigate each of these situations to help our clients receive Medicaid benefits in their times of need.

Experienced. Effective. Efficient.

When the time comes to consider nursing home care, it’s important to have your financial plan at the ready in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Because crisis-planning cases in this area are often time sensitive, our team Peter L Durante LLC is flexible and has processes in place to triage your case based on the criticality of competing deadlines. We use our experienced and vast knowledge of current Medicaid law to help you plan for a future that fits your finances and the needs of all those in your family.

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