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Elder Law FAQ

Elder Law is the practice of specially-trained attorneys who can help you protect your assets in the event of illness and dispose of your assets upon your passing, with the least amount of taxes and problems. Elder Law attorneys address long term care and estate planning needs of each individual centered on his or her individual situation.

With proper planning, Peter L Durante Law (LLC?) can help your loved one qualify for Medicaid and protect their life savings. We help save the assets through a number of strategies that may include gifting, purchasing annuities, life insurance, tax and estate planning, and many other options that enable qualification for Medicaid while still saving the assets.

Typically, for an individual without a spouse, we can usually save 50% to 75% of the assets, and possibly more, depending on a variety of factors, including how far ahead the planning was started. For a married couple with one spouse entering, or already in, a nursing home and the other spouse is still living in the community, we usually can save all of the assets. 

Even for those already in a home, it is never too late to plan.